This is a direct comunication channel with our team of experts where we offer you consulting and advisory services on our speciality: security and privacy on the Internet and cryptography.

Ask us any questions you may have in the area of cybersecurity and cyberdefense, privacy, encryption or the application of blockchain technologies in business and industrial processes.


At Gatxan we firmly believe that we need to take back the privacy that the IT giants have silently stolen from us in the last years. Regaining control of your information is not difficult, you just need to be aware of it, know how to do it and, the more important, have the tools. Apart from providing you these tools with our ECOSYSTEM OF SERVICES, at Gatxan Say we have also set out to teach you what to do to protect your digital privacy on a daily basis , both in your communications and with the information we store in your accounts or digital electronic devices.


Do you know how bitcoins work? Do you know the differences between the different blockchains? How can you tell if the project behind a cryptocurrency is legit or a scam? Do you have any idea what a Smart Contract is? Did you know that industries apply immutable audit systems on their processes via a blockchain to continuously monitor them so that their suppliers cannot make any manipulation?
At Gatxan SAY we will not give you any advice on investments, but we will help you understand cryptocurrencies and how their blockchain technology works before you get into this world. Learn how to apply it to your everyday life and save yourself time and money by detecting possible scams.


All our services guarantee confidentiality, REAL privacy, data encryption and physical location of own servers in the Principality of Andorra. Because at Gatxan privacy comes first: WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR INFORMATION.

The information is the building block of your company. Regain its control.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


The Gatxan Ecosystem of services is an alternative with REAL privacy to the conventional services of the IT giants, a whole Ecosystem of online services dedicated to internet security and protection of the information with REAL privacy: it is located on our own servers, which are installed in our own Data Centers, within our own facilities, with all that this implies, and also physically located in the Principality of Andorra, which translates into legal security and agility of operations. That's why we're so self-confident with the security and privacy we offer, because we don't depend on the privacy and security policies from third parties.

If you have any doubts, incidents, problems, etc. with our services, this is the channel to communicate with us. Or simply to ask us anything you want related to our Ecosystem of services. Go ahead, we'll be happy to serve you!

If only YOU have your keys, only YOU have your data.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


We propose a whole ECOSYSTEM OF ONLINE SERVICES dedicated to internet security and the protection of private information for both individuals and companies, with REAL "Zero Knowledge Privacy". From consulting and advisory services, to blockchain technology research and implementation services, either in projects related to cryptocurrencies, or in the application of blockchain technology to business processes; and going through research and tracking on the web, both in terms of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and research for investigation in all areas of the internet.

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All services of the Gatxan Ecosystem have an online support & Helpdesk with incident management system
to help you personally if you need to be guided within our platforms.

All our services are placed in our own DC facilities located in Andorra. That's why we are so self-confident about security and REAL PRIVACY that we offer.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


In GATXAN we are a team of highly qualified professionals with long experience in what we specialize in:
computer security, cyber research, protection of privacy on the internet and, since 2012, research in blockchain networks.

The Gatxan team are my trusted advisors in all things cryptocurrency and cyber security, they give me the peace of mind I need for my clients.

Marcel Lescano

AFICO Group Advisors

What seems impossible, in Gatxan they make it possible, they are able to extract information from where others assure you that it is not possible. They are far away from the rest of the professionals I worked with.

Gustavo A. Cicerón

Private Investigator

In Gatxan they manage all the hosting and security for my clients. They have been my peace of mind and security for over ten years.

Mónica Vera

La escucha activa - SEO & Marketing

Gatxan is one of our best partners. In addition, they have a solid infrastructure of their own and a quality equal to the services they offer.

Roger Garcia

Glutec - Technologies infrastructure

Only in Gatxan you will find REAL PRIVACY.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


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